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Full text of "The Earth's Magnetic Field = Unlimited Battery Power"

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The March's Magnetic field = ifttlfmJted Battery Penrer by, dasepfe It. Smith 

A dire need has forced its way into the eyes of the public, who are blind to see that our energy needs 
are right under our feet! What if there was an unlimited supply of battery power, that would change the 
face of our planet, in only a few short years? Would you consider exploring it? Why not, right? Well, it 
is time that we do! 

We all know that the Earth produces a gigantic magnetic field, and this would create an unlimited 
source of magnetic battery power! Magnetic energy will always flow throughout the world into its 
poles, and the energy is the most clean that we will find. But how are we gonna develop the technology 
that would save our very own planet that we all call home? 

Resources would be freed-up, the environment would be clean, and an abundance of our very 
necessities would be made available so that we would all be on the same level, and thus even giving the 
poor the same advantages as the ultra-rich. Living expenses would be cut nearly in-half, and we would 
all be able to enjoy life, probably even creating a virtual amount of world peace! 

To invest in such a phenomenal innovation would lead us into a highly advanced society, one that 
possible extraterrestrial life would only dream of! I am making a bunch of promises, but they aren't 
without merit, nor are they empty promises. Go ahead and ask yourself, "What do we have to lose"? 
The planet Earth if we keep going on this explosive path is what we have to lose! 

I am inviting an open forum to discuss the various ways that we could use such an advanced scientific 
discovery. To develop this concept would help us open the doors to even better opportunities, even if 
this wouldn't work! Even if this didn't work, who knows, maybe we would make a new discovery. 

I am asking for scientists to at least consider researching unlimited battery power, through the use of 
Earth's magnetic field. There are some things that we would need to do to make this even remotely 
work. We would need to establish standards, preferably set out by established institutions. 

A huge determining factor would be to build innovative technology that would be able to even pick up 
the Earth's magnetic field, such as a sensor, and we would need to make anything electrical compatible 
with magnetic energy, as magnets often-times disrupts most electrical outlets and mechanics. Finding 
the biggest flaw is the best resource that one could have, as it would help us work towards finding the 

missing puzzle, thus working harder, and finding the solutions to even our most common problems.